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Oculus Rift “still on target” for Q1 release

Oculus will be wanting to get the Oculus Rift out before the HTC Vive and it sounds like all is going to plan.


With the Vive pushed back until at least April, it looks like there’s only going to be one choice of VR gear at the start of 2016. Oculus Palmer Luckey posted earlier to say that they are sill on target for their Q1 launch window.

“Thrilled to share some news: Manufacturing continues to go well, and we are still on-target for an awesome Rift launch in Q1!”

This news is great for Oculus, but remember, HTC are supposedly announcing ‘very big breakthrough’ VR tech in January which is the main reason it’s been delayed.

With headsets coming in at around $300+ it will be tough to decide which one to go for. Our advice is to wait as long as you possibly can. If the Rift does come out early next year, hold off until you see what the Vive can do because it’s likely to be more advanced.

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